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René Barbier Mediterranean Red wine

René Barbier Mediterranean Red wine has a smooth initial mouthfeel, with medium-structured tannins appearing in the aftertaste along with notes of licorice. It pairs fantastically well with rice dishes containing both seafood and meat, and with oily fish such as tuna with vegetables.

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René Barbier Mediterranean Rosé wine

René Barbier Mediterranean Rosé wine is smooth and rounded with a very good balance between sweetness and acidity, which makes it ideal for serving with rice dishes, vegetables and pasta.

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René Barbier Mediterranean White wine

René Barbier Mediterranean is a slightly acidic white wine with a balanced mouthfeel and a lingering fruity flavour. It makes a great pairing with grilled fish and rice dishes with white meat.

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René Barbier Cabernet Sauvignon

René Barbier Cabernet Sauvignon is made entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in honour of the traditions and history of René Barbier. Cask-aged, primarily in American oak casks, this red wine has flavours of ripe fruit with warm smoky and spicy notes, soft tannins and a lingering aftertaste. It is notable for its complex aroma with mineral, toasted and balsamic notes and ripe fruit. It is ideal for serving with beef, lamb and char-grilled poultry dishes served with vegetables.

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René Barbier Chardonnay

René Barbier Chardonnay white wine originated in Catalan lands yet with a French winemaking style. It is an aromatic wine with notes of tropical fruit and a honeyed base. The initial mouthfeel is warm and smooth, followed by a fresh and tasty sensation and a long and distinguished finish. A classic pairing with grilled shellfish, smoked salmon, white meats and oily fish.

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René Barbier Abocado Medium Dry

René Barbier Abocado Medium Dry red wine has aromas of red fruit, especially cherries and ripe plums. Its final spicy notes are reminiscent of vanilla, with a touch of sweetness that makes it perfect for serving with cured cheeses, hearty sauced meat dishes, and nuts.

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René Barbier Oak-Aged Red wine

The aromas of René Barbier Oak-Aged red wine are reminiscent of red fruit such as cherries and ripe plums, with a spicy base and a smooth and silky mouthfeel. These characteristics make this wine the perfect option for serving with any dish.

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René Barbier Dry White wine

René Barbier Dry White wine is fresh, smooth and tasty. The aromas have a good intensity in which apple and banana stand out over a light citrus base. Pleasantly acidic in the mouth. The finish is fruity, notably of citrus fruit and green apple. This wine is ideal for serving with appetizers, shellfish, fish and pasta.

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René Barbier Semi Sweet White Wine

René Barbier White Semi-Sweet is an elegant wine with aromas of white fruit such as apples, pears and bananas. In the mouth it is smooth, fresh and light, with an aftertaste dominated by the floral notes of muscatel. It is ideal for serving with foie, blue cheeses and desserts.

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René Barbier Rosé wine

René Barbier Rosé wine is clean, elegant and intensely aromatic. Well structured and balanced in the mouth. Its fresh floral flavour and low acidity make it smooth yet persistent on the palate. It is perfect for serving with appetizers, salads, rice dishes and pasta.

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